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I love people. I love stories. I love art. So naturally, I love what I do.
I am a wife to the most supportive (and good looking) man in the world. And I'm a mother of two extremely photogenic daughters, Fiona and Dakota, and caretaker to two of my wonderful siblings, JD and Danicca. They enjoy playing, snacking, gaming, and adventuring with my husband and I,.. oh, and having dance parties in the dining room. 
My husband and I love board games and movies. He is my companion and friend and I count myself blessed by him every day. We are also actively involved in church ministry and I am involved in many community projects. My husband is very supportive of me in my mission to better our community and our family with my artistic talent, so he's usually at home with the kids when I'm out shooting. 
I have been doing photography for many years. I can't really give you an exact number because I've been toying with cameras since childhood. At some point in my adult life, I decided to turn my hobby into a business. It hardly feels like work.
I started a project in 2013 called True Beauty Alaska. For this project, I've used my passion to photograph mothers through postpartum and bring resourced for PPD to Alaska. 
I hope that you find me a perfect fit for your photography and artistic needs. 

I love capturing people, and I mean that in the least kidnapper-y way possible.

-Alaska LeeAnna


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