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The AlaskaLeeAnna Studio is located inside the Turnagain Arts Building on E Turnagain Blvd in Anchorage, Alaska. This studio opened its doors in March, 2021 and since then as grown into something truly wonderful.
I created this studio for duel purposes: 1) To have a space to expand my own business as a photographer and artist, and 2) to create an affordable community-centered space for workshops, classes, and gatherings. I feel confident to say that both of these purposes are being fulfilled in much bigger ways that I had ever imagined.
It is my honor to share this space with the arts and education community of Anchorage. 

Please take a moment to scroll through the pictures below and check out our events and workshops. 

If you are interested in participating in utilizing this space to teach or host community arts/education/ministry events, please contact myself, LeeAnna, directly at 907-575-1583 or by email,

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