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Our Work

Every. part. of. your. design. needs.

I'm here to do whatever part of the design and branding process you need... anything between photography, illustration, and design, I'm your girl!

Everything you need

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Flatlays & Product Photography

Flatlays are a modern photography trend that I am ALL ABOUT. I love the idea of making art out of literally anything (like this random example piece).  You can highlight products with this social-media friendly imagery - and I'm happy to create these for you!

Custom Digital Art

Not every graphic designer is an illustrative artist. Many designers put together pre-existing shapes and vectors to create your design. 
This is something special that I offer to create more unique and diversified design work!

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Logo & Branding


Creating a logo is not the only important step to starting a brand. Creating a cohesive look for your brand requires a creative flow between all your graphic work. When I create your logo, I make sure you have all the elements you need to continue your 

branding journey faster and grow a complete brand.



Fliers, business cards, brochures, and catalogs can make or break your professional look. Make sure you have a professional (ahem... me...) to give all your prints a clean cohesive look. 

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