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     I started the True Beauty Project in 2013 after the birth of my own daughter. In response to my personal struggle with prenatal and postpartum depression and the vast need for resources in Alaska, I put this project together to change the face of postpartum motherhood. 
     The first event in November of 2013  overflowed with positive response. Within 24 hours, 45 women had signed up and paid for a slot in my photoshoot project. I project that I thought wouldn't exceed single digits turned into an event of nearly 50 women and volunteers. A local venue gave me a discounted rate when the manager also related to my story. We hauled in and hauled out photography equipment and I shot 45 sessions in one single day. It was quite successful and I walked away with only one regret. There was no scheduled opportunity for these women to spend time together. As women passed in and out, natural gatherings of women in their underwear, completely vulnerable and nervous, found comfort and togetherness in a community we never knew we had.
    After that, I added the workshop conference to the event, making it an educational fellowship which included workshops and speeches from professionals in mental health and women's health, as well as those with powerful testimonies.
    This year, with COVID-19, I've decided to change how we are doing this project to be able to include as many people as possible in the safest way possible.

      I am booking private one-on-one photography sessions with pregnant and postpartum mothers through the months of March and April. I will be putting together a beautiful printed gallery showcase display in my studio which will be open to the public as an open house style Friday, August 6th (will be kept within the city's health mandates.) There will be scheduled speakers and workshop presenters on Friday, August 6 which anyone can attend and participate in. Bring your friends, including those who aren't mothers. I hope to bring enlightenment to the community on the topic of postpartum health.
Sessions will be $50 (to cover the related costs)
The event will be a suggested $5/person.

A donation bucket will also be available to donate to the Alaska Birth Collective,
who continues to educate the community. 

Thank you! I look forward to seeing you there. 



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