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Sober 2+ Years


I've struggled with substance abuse all of my adult life. That's a little less than 2 decades.

My childhood was great. There weren't any learned behaviors that led to my use. I do think there is a genetic component that I inherited, however. I truly believe that alcoholism/addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and soul. I don't know how else to explain why I can't just have 1 drink or what happens if I try.  


Although I've had bouts of sobriety throughout the last 20 years, it took getting pregnant and the combination of all my previous efforts to get where I'm at. By the grace of God, I'll have 28 months clean and sober on the 13th.


This isn't to say, "I've overcome" or "made it".  The truth is I haven't. There is no final destination.  Every day I wake up and make a choice to abstain from alcohol and drugs. Some days are easier than others. On the hard days I just hang on and use my tools because the only thing I know for sure, it's that staying clean and sober is far easier than getting clean and sober.


Sober 7+ Years


Hello, thanks for reading this.

Today I am a grateful recovering addict with 7+ years clean and sober. As a product from an addict family I started using early on in life. Mistake after mistake, I never seemed to learn my lesson. Then one night I should have made it home (like many others) in years past. I didn’t make it. Like I told the cop this must be for all those nights I made it when I shouldn’t have. Thanks to Alaska Therapeutic Court (Drug court). I was given the last chance I needed to find my way. Today I’m a father to two wonderful boys.

A family man.

A leader in my trade as shop foreman.

Last, but not least, a brother in what is for me the glue that holds in all together

Second To None MC. Feel free to ask me questions if you see me.


Sober 10+ Years


"We must recover OUT LOUD."


Sober 8+ Years


My name is Lance Hanes.

My recovery journey began in 2013 after decades of substance use.

Life in recovery is more than I could have possibly imagined.

Faith, family, friendship and a drive to help others find there way to a better life is what fills my spirit today.


Sober 1+ Years

_AKL3320 (1).jpg

All my life I felt like I just didn't quite fit in anywhere. I was uncomfortable, insecure and full of fear. When I found alcohol, I could finally relax, socialize and feel like other normal human beings. Alcohol was a lot of fun! At first. But eventually it turned from fun to troublesome. Eventually I wanted to stop drinking because the consequences were adding up and I was causing harm and wreckage in my life and the lives of those I loved. When I tried to stop, I quickly found out I couldn't. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. After a particularly horrific experience I decided to find help. I knew a judge was going to recommend AA, and my attorney highly recommended it, so I decided to give it a shot. Honestly, I just wanted to show the courts that I was trying so that they would be lenient. 

I started attending AA regularly, got a sponsor, and started to work the 12 steps. I stayed sober for 9 blissful months. It was incredible and my life was on a major upwards trajectory! I started getting comfortable and over-confident in myself and started slacking on my meetings. It didn't take long until I woke up after a bender not knowing what had happened or why I had been drunk for the past 6 months. I continued to go in and out of the program for the next two years and it was a painful experience. I finally had enough of the pain and knew that if I was going to get and stay sober, I had to go all in. I asked God for help and recommitted myself to AA and the 12 steps. 

I have now been sober for almost 18 consecutive months. It's the longest I have ever been sober in my entire adult life. My life today is a completely different life than it was before sobriety and recovery. I now have tools to deal with situations that arise that cause me fear or discomfort. I no longer feel the need to control and manage the people or circumstances in my life. I now have a deep-rooted faith that God is in control and will be with me as long as I let him take the reins. My life today is free, peaceful, and happy. Even during hard things, I do not have to drink to get through. I can feel my feelings and be OK. 

If anyone is considering getting sober, my advice would be to give it a try. Commit to 6 months and see what happens. What have you got to lose? You have everything to gain. Go to AA, get a sponsor, and do what is suggested. If at the end of 6 months your life isn't dramatically improved, go ahead and go back to alcohol. But I guarantee if you give it 100%, the 12 steps will work for you. I have seen it in myself and countless others. 


Sober 6 Years


If you’d have asked me in my late teens if I’d ever stop doing drugs id have laughed in your face. I saw myself being an old grandma with a forty and a blunt as  I’ve been an addict for more than half my life. For me I lacked coping skills and drinking/drugs numbed things, until they didn’t. 


I had stopped drinking for short bouts, but as soon as I wasn’t pregnant or the 2, 3, 4 weeks was up I’d start right back up. I was lying, hungover, disconnected, angry, endangering my children, and my health was trashed. God spoke to me and showed me how I was tearing apart my life right before my own eyes. I’d lose everything in the end. 


I had a choice, keep denying my addiction or come clean. I approached my church, husband, fronds  and family about how deep my addiction ran. It was scary as hell, but I knew I had to uncover every hidden trauma/shame/fears or I’d kill myself and others. I am almost 6 years in recovery and it’s a learning and growing process everyday. One that hurts, but is so feeing in the end. 

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